Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Happens When You Have 3 Sick KIDS....

How can I say this without sounding like a bad mother. It's WAY easier to have 3 sick kids than for me to be sick. Let me explain.

1. The kids feel so bad they just sit there and the house says somewhat picked up.

2. The kids feel so bad that they don't have the energy to fight with each other.

3. They take really good naps!

4. They are so pitiful that they just want to cuddle with you and lay on you!

5. They don't whine for food and entertainment all day!

6. Sometimes, they even fall asleep on the couch in the morning and STILL take an afternoon nap!

7. They go to bed even earlier than they normally do - and ASK to!

Despite having twice the amount of cleaning (sheets, blankies, pacifiers, spoons, etc) it has been surprisingly easy to have sick kids. Yes, I'm ready to see the light of day. Yes, I want my kids to feel better - it's not fun to watch them be sick. Yes, I ready to get back into the swing of things. But over the past couple of weeks, I realized that me being sick is far worse on the overall status of my home than caring for sick kids.

Oh, and purell doesn't work - at least when you want it to. "IT" claimed Robert this morning as well. And let me just say, that might be the hardest "kid" to care for! ;-)

Again, it could be much worse. We're just going to push through all this and come out fine on the other side! Hopefully it'll be just in time for some nice spring weather! Yay!


  1. Poor McClellan's! You guys have been battling this for a while. Do you need any help with anything??? Let me know!!!

  2. I only have two kids, but I have to agree...much easier having sick kids than being sick. When mom's sick, mom still has work to do. As for Robert being sick...SORRY ROBERT! In our house, it's tough when Channing's sick. He, too, is the hardest to take care of. When Daddy's sick, he is unable to provide any help but needs lots of attention. ;D
    Enjoy this cuddle time with your kiddos. They never cuddle as well when they're well. :)
    Oh, and try some peroxide in the ears!


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