Friday, February 25, 2011

Apparently Not Indestructible

About 2 minutes after Olivia snapped these pictures of me and Rhodes, he thought it'd be a dandy idea to give his mother a scare and bust a lip and tooth.  Bust them so hard that the tooth LOOSENED!

I have to say, it's not easy to send me in to "fight or flight" mode.  The last time I remember feeling that kind of adrenaline go through my body was when Landon cut his head open and needed stitches.  I knew seeing a baby tooth hang out wasn't good.

I called the dentist and they told me to come in and check it out.  That meant loading up 4 feisty kids at 3:30 and all heading to see the doc.  They called us back and we ALL had to go back and sit in one of those tiny little rooms.  In those tiny little rooms are LOTS of little things that look really fun for kids to touch and play with.  But they are completely inappropriate for kids to touch and play with.

This is where SIT TIME comes in handy out in public.  I put Landon in the waiting chair, Lillian on the floor next to him, Rhodes in the dentist chair, and Olivia behind him in another chair.  I told them they were to sit there until I told them to get up.  Even Rhodes.  And I'm proud to say they did it!!!

Rhodes scowled at me every time I reminded him to sit still or sit down.  But he definitely knew what I meant and wasn't getting up.

I glad to say that Rhodes is going to be okay.  He definitely has a nice little split on his gum, but they said the tooth would grow back in.  Isn't it amazing how resilient kids are!?!??!

Now, let's hope and pray it's a while before I get another scare like that!!!!


  1. That is always so scary... such beautiful pictures though.

  2. Eek, so scary! Glad the tooth will grow back in.

    And Olivia took great pictures!


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