Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Migration: Part 2 + VDay

Valentine's Day just so happen to coincide with the Great Migration part deux.  It first started out as Mac (my BIL) was going to come over to help move the BEHEMOTH desk Robert uses.  THEN, it was changed to - Mac and Lacey are coming over and we are going to cook for y'all for Valentines.  AND he's going to help me move my desk.

Upon further review, measuring, and removal of the office room door, it was made known that this was no easy task.  

So I cooked my own Valentine's dinner.  And everyone elses too! :-)

Seared/grilled fillets, roasted potatoes with Parmesan.  A little zinfandel and fancy quesadillas (brought from Mac from work) and we were set!  And it was all ready after the desk was FINALLY moved!

Empty (dirty) little room!

This furniture (that weighs a million pounds) apparently is super nice office furniture.  A previous company that Robert worked for was moving buildings and just wanted to get rid of it.  So we gained a huge desk, other smaller wall desk, and a bookshelf.

Though it is not the office furniture I personally would have picked out, we hardly say no to FREE! :-)

Plus it suits Robert pretty well.

Ginormous desk....and a little helper!

Not sure it it's going to get in there...

I was just clicking away! :-)

WHEW!  It made it!  This is the set up right now! 

Hopefully it'll stick!

I think he was pretty excited to get down there the next morning!

And I got to clean up and try and figure out what exactly I'm going to do with my new space!!

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