Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids On The Loose

What kid doesn't want to be turned loose in Toys R Us with a gift card and birthday cash!?!??  Sounds like a dream come true to me.  And Rhodes and Lillian....toy heaven!  Stimulation overload!!

I think we hit Toys R Us up about twice a year.  Thanks to Mimi and Poppy and the gift cards for their birthdays!!  They LOVE them!

At 7:30 at night, the store is pretty empty.  So we didn't mind the kids running browsing the aisles for toys!

Clearance section.  I teach them young!

We even tried out a few cars. 

And the baby dolls OF COURSE!!

We climbed a little and tested out chairs.

Landon stayed close to the boy sections!

He's getting into Star Wars.  For some reason we skipped over Thomas the Train and Woody the Cowboy.  Which is fine by me. :-)

Landon took Rhodes for a little spin in the wagon.  It was so funny....Landon had gone around maybe 3 times Rhodes was getting dizzy.  He was trying to focus on something but just couldn't get his eyes straight!  I laugh out loud when I see these two pictures!

Still trying to focus!  hahahaha

Better yet, just keep the eyes closed!

We only did a little climbing.

And a little pounding here and there.

And only once tried to steal something.  :-)

Then they lost their minds and we took them home and put them to bed!!!

Olivia came away with a fancy doll stroller!  Definitely a step up from the baby umbrella strollers we have.

Landon chose a Star Wars DS game!!


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  1. where are the photos of the big kid??? surely Robert got into some mischief while there! ;)


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