Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have found myself recently reflecting on how the Lord has provided for us lately and wanted to share.  And really record for myself, so that I can go back and see how His helping hand was always there.

Long story short, Robert is working (SUPER HARD btw) for a company that requires "full time" work for "part time" pay.  He's learning a lot and making lots of contacts!  And I have a hunch he enjoys it.  It's contract work, so he can possibly negotiate later - assuming they can't live without him.  And I'm pretty sure they can't!

BUT, we've had to whittle down the budget and be as frugal as possible.  We've had to really lean into the Lord to provide!  And He has!

These are a few of the lastest ones.

1)  Robert's car was hit TWICE recently.  One was a hit and run, and the other some one backed into his car.  So after going round and round with insurance companies (a pain), the other people (double pain), and car repair places (triple pain), some how we ended up getting our car fixed (even better cosmetically than it was before) we ended up with an extra $900 some odd dollars!  Which went towards Robert's painting company's taxes!  THANK YOU LORD!

2)  We've had these couches in the den for a long time.  They've been very well loved on couches with kids and pets!  The love seat in particular was torn way past the cushion.  We kept it covered with a blanket.  Robert swore he would NEVER purchase new furniture until the youngest child was like 10 or something.  Wow...we had a long time until then.  Well, we decided to go garage saling one weekend.  We pull up to the first house where it just happens to be Robert's new boss' house at this new job!  Before I really knew what was going on, I said that I liked a couch that was for sale.  He tells the wife of his boss and she basically "claims" it for us even though someone else had made an offer.  We were full expecting to pay $125 for it but when he went to go get it, his boss wouldn't even think about taking any money for it (and sent back some stuff for the kids too!).  And it's not a love seat - it's a SOFA!  And I love it!  THANK YOU LORD!

3)  And then there are the little things.  Especially for me.  What girl doesn't like to get pampered at the salon with a nice hair cut and color!  ME ME ME!  Well, I pretty much cut way back on hair cuts and such because I just plain didn't want to spend our money on me that way.  Well, I went to some dear sweet friends' clothing show the other day and "won" a free cut and color from my one of my friend's hair stylist!!!  I mean - PERFECT TIMING!!!  And the hair stylist was there and I got to meet her and she was SO CUTE - definitely someone I would want cutting my hair.  Of course that was based on personality alone, but still!  THANK YOU LORD!

These are just a few of the ways recently that we have really seen God show up!  And I just love the funny ways God works!  I mean, who would have thought that having 2 wrecks would somehow provide for us!  God is so funny!  I'm sure there are more than I can think of right now, but it is fun looking back to see all the ways!  His ways are so much better than our ways!

Are there any ways God has shown up for you lately!??


  1. how awesome is all of that? I love seeing how God provides! Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh, we have experienced God's provision DAILY in our lives this past year. It has been difficult not being as financially secure as we're used to, but it has also been a BLESSING to trust in God and see how faithfully he provides.

  3. How precious and encouraging to read your testimony of God's provision! We have many similar stories! Including someone backing into my car! :)


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