Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grease Hair

It just Rhodes and I.  We were taking pics.  He wasn't happy with me for a minute - notice the tears in his eyes.  But I managed to get a couple of smiles.

Then I fed him.  I think it was macaroni and cheese.  I had my back to him and turned around to see he was clearly done. 

It was promptly removed.  And left a nice full head of greasy hair!

I guess it could have been worse! :-)

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  1. Lindsay, The funniest thing happened today! I got on the elevator at work talking to my friend Walt about your blog ... I was saying that I loved your post with all the kids' baby pictures and how I commented about which ones I think look the most alike, etc.

    I was using your kids' names in the conversation, and all of a sudden one of my other friends (who had just gotten on the elevator) said, "I know her! I'm friends with Lindsay." That friend is Sidney Shackelford.

    So I just thought it was so funny that we have friends in common but we've never met and live in different states! Small world.


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