Monday, February 7, 2011

The Celebrations Continue

The birthday festivities didn't stop at breakfast!!!  We headed out to the McWane center with their new passes!!  So fun!  Now we can go anytime!!

We asked the kids where they wanted to go for their dinner.  The answered, "The place where they cook in front of you!"  They LOVE that place!!!!

They love the soup and salad! 

Our waiter.  Who was borderline inappropriate with me, in my opinion.  He took pride in picking on me and was quite an annoying little booger.  He threw food in my hair TWICE.  Robert thinks he didn't know any better.....hmph!

The fire always gets a great response!

I love these places too.  The kids sit so still!  Even Rhodes!

The "shrimp throwing" trick.  Olivia almost had it!!!   Landon DID catch his!!!

They shared their birthday ice cream with little brother and sister!!  So sweet!

The whole fam!!

And it's still not over!!!

Then we did something very VERY brave for Robert and I.

We turned 4 kids loose in Toys R Us at 7:30 at night.  No strollers.

Well, 5 kids if you count Robert. ;-)

Don't worry, I've got pics!


  1. What fun!!!! Your family is so beautiful!! Happy birthday to the big kiddos!

  2. That's what we do for our birthdays! Have as long as I can remember! When I'm in town, we'll do it for mine, but my mom and sister maintain the tradition on their b'days. Only this year, for Kelly's, my mom and her tired to go with a bunch of people but Kobe (on 280) had burned down!
    And I've noticed the guys are always a little inappropriate with me too. they just like pretty women a little too much.
    Looks like you had so much fun! And so I can pass it along to my fam, was this STIX? that's the only other place I could think of to tell them to go...

  3. How much fun!!! Happy Birthday to Olivia and Landon!!!

    Tricia, I don't know where Lindsay was at, but we really like Shogun which is on 280 next to Chickfila. :)


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