Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glimpses of Spring

The weather here has been awesome lately!  It's given us a glimpse of what's to come!

We have a great setup at hour house.  Downward sloping driveway, large area to ride bikes, fenced in backyard, basket ball goal - it's perfect to just sit out there and relax!

Sunday afternoon was just that!

We had our snack in hand.

Checked out everything!

Enjoyed the last hour or so before the sun was gone.

Rode bikes and pretended they were motorcycles!

Made lots of silly faced because someone didn't want to smile for the camera.

Hugged on my sweet big boy!

Then played around with my little man.

He's my little Ole Miss Rebel!

Then the games started up!  A little base ball, then some one on one basket ball.

Rhodes watched from the sidelines, being as acrobatic as possible.

I love that everyone, including Rhodes can enjoy playing outside.  I feel like there has always been a "little one" that couldn't participate as much.  But now it seems that we can ALL enjoy these evenings together as a whole family!

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  1. Umm...have I told you that I could eat Rhoades up?! No? Well I can! I just am in love with that little peanut! And Lillian's dresses...and all your kids sweet faces...LOVE your family!

    Oh, and awesome about getting a free cut/color! I am pretty low maintenance (because I'm lazy) when it comes to getting my hair cut...twice a year usually. My go to hairstyl is a pony tail though...sexy!


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