Monday, February 14, 2011

The Great Migration: Part 1

He officially had enough.  Yep!  He couldn't HANDLE us any more! ;-)  The constant drone of children bickering talking, piano playing, babies crying/squealing, water running, and mommy cooking - it was just too much.  ;-)

And I 100% agree!  He needs a nice quiet place to focus and work.

So, Robert's moving downstairs!!!!  BYE BYE upstairs office!  Papers EVERYWHERE!

(side note: I heard someone talking about organization the other day and she said papers were "nothing but delayed decisions"!  I look at my papers a lot differently now!)

So we have these 2 rooms downstairs that we have painted and carpeted over the years (they were cement and paneling before).  One is completely closed off and the other is a big room leading out to the laundry room and garage.  The big one is the "playroom".  And could use some major organization.  We can't seem to find anything that works really well for us yet.  It gets a lot of use though!

Here is the room cleaned out.  Before, it had a couple of desks, a full size bed, pack n play, old tv, stuff....basically it was a junk/storage room.  No purpose. 

NEW PURPOSE.....Robert's home office!!!

Hey Robert, do you  mind if we store some stuff in here too!?!?

Ok...we'll let you have this space all to yourself!  Sorry, that was a crazy idea of mine!

He thought painting the walls stark white would brighten things up since there aren't any windows.

That was fun.  The kids enjoyed helping a little!

Of course, I wanted in on the action too. 

Robert trying to teach me.  Doesn't he know that I can do this!?!

See!???!!!!  I mean, come on, I'm married to a painter!  I should know a little something about painting! ;-)

I rolled out the walls while Robert cut in!


And I would not advise anyone to let babies play in the room while you paint.  They might get into things, and they just MIGHT lean up against the wall.  Maybe.

But I will say that it kept him busy for a while.

He took off ALL the little pieces of paper that held the threads together.  It's Olivia's friendship bracelet kit!  YIKES!  Little Destroyer.

We knocked it out pretty quick!

He works SO fast!  Love watchin' my man work!

Get it done baby!

Perfectionist....he's probably going over what I did.  :-)

Moving the office downstairs meant re routing internet too!   So we drilled a couple of holes in the house, ran it through the downstairs, and VOILA!  Internet re-routed!

Clean new white office!  So as of right this second, 1/2 of it is downstairs and 1/2 is still upstairs!

After Mr. Perfectionist decides where he wants all his furniture (he's been measuring), and can go offline long enough to re-setup his computers (yes, 3 of them) he'll be rockin' and rollin' downstairs!

Oh, and what are we doing his old office?????

Glad you asked!

It's going to be my Mom Hub!  That's what I'm calling it.  My space to spread out, get organized, clip coupons, ad match, read, study, craft, home school....WHATEVER I WANT! :-)

I will be moving out of my tiny corner in the kitchen!



  1. Mom Hub! Love it! I'm sure you'll love a big space like that :)

  2. I'm so excited for you, Lindsay! And I loved how Robert probably went back and painted over your parts. Hilarious!

  3. Mom hub sounds great!! Can't wait to see the final project.

  4. That's awesome!!! I know you both will be happy to have the space you need in the places you need them. Maybe next time you come down to FL we could hire him to paint our house! I'm kidding. Nobody comes here to work. And we don't have a house. Yet. But I'm hoping we will by the beginning of summer.

  5. okay. i just got really really jealous reading of your new space!!!! cant wait to have my own little sewing, crafting hideaway! please post pics after its all done!!

  6. Love it:) I never comment, but still hanging in here, reading your blog! One of the few that made the cut on my RSS feed, lol. Miss you guys! Yall are so awesome:)


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