Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9 Months/40 weeks

I don't "go here" very often on my blog, but there is something that drives me ABSOLUTELY crazy about pregnancy!

The whole 9 months vs. 40 weeks thing.

Here it is:

I can't stand it when a pregnant woman who is 24 weeks says she is SIX MONTHS!! (Or 16 weeks = 4 months, or 28 weeks = 7 months)

Y'all, we all went to school (I hope).  How many days are in a month?  30 or 31!  And February has 28 (29 on leap year).  So that means that there are NOT just 4 weeks in EVERY month. 

So you can't divide whatever # week pregnant you are by 4 and say you are "x" number of months!

For example, Rhodes was born Sept. 8th - and let's assume that was his due date. (can't remember the actual day).  So counting back 40 weeks is Dec. 2.  That would be the "start" of the pregnancy - usually your LMP.  :-)

So from there, I would like to think that the 2nd of every month would mean your another month pregnant!!!!!  May 19th would mean you are 24 weeks.  And counting months from December 2nd would mean that you would be FIVE months and TWO weeks and 2 days.

NOT six months.

Are you following me?  If we did the whole 40 weeks = 10 months thing, that would mean that our child would not be one at 12 months old, but 13 months old (52 divided by 4).  We don't count the age of our children on a weeks schedule like pregnancy?  So why should our pregnancy be counted differently?

Please, someone explain. 

Because I can't bear to hear another pregnant woman call her self 6 months pregnant at barely 24 weeks.  And I hope the lady at the park the other day was the last one for me to hear say that!  (the origin of this post!)

**This is not a post arguing anything but simple math during pregnancy.  I realize that 38-42 weeks is how long a pregnancy goes.  Let's just get our math straight please!!!

***I think this also stems from a prenatal appointment I had a long time ago at 12 weeks.  I mentioned to the doctor that I was 3 months and he corrected me "not quite yet!".

****Ahhhh....you have no idea how good that felt to get off my chest!!!


  1. HAHA I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!

    You would not believe how often I've had to correct people when discussing how far along I am. And then have to explain, you know, there aren't just 4 weeks in every month. And slowly a light bulb goes off in their head, like OOOH. But still, everyone seems to be very confused that I'm 39 weeks and *still* pregnant since obviously 9 months equals 36 weeks. Makes me INSANE

  2. I get what you are saying, but so many times I tell people (mostly who have not had kids, etc) how many weeks I am and they look at me with a blank stare and ask "so how many months is that?". I wish it wasn't confusing, but a lot of people have no idea how long a pregnancy is in weeks! I guess they haven't been through all those weeks to feel each and every one!

  3. HA HA HA!!! I am with you!!! I always just go by how many weeks I am and people frequently want to know how many months. I don't even bother to go into it!!!

  4. It was hard for me to keep up with the weeks, so I would always say "around 6 months, give or take!" But I totally feel your pain!! You can say 6 months, but is that the beginning or the end of the month? Do I need to know? Why am I being so nosy? Just tell me when you are do and I'll do the math later!


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