Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Ain't Purdy, But It's Functional!

SOOOOO.....after a couple of weeks of looking around at thrift stores, consignment shops, and garage sales, and not really finding anything I love, I finally just decided to move out of the kitchen with the furniture I already had.

Really, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase anything.  

I do have a sort of vision for my little sunroom, but when it came down to it, I was ready to move in and start functioning in it. 

Here is the kitchen minus all the "clutter"....a.k.a. my desk. :-)

I dont' know if you can tell or not, but Robert and I really like things UNcluttered, and neat.  Regardless of how it looks asthetically.  :-)  We just want it to function for our family as efficientlly as possible!

Moving all my stuff out really opened up the kitchen and let us use all of our (mismatched) stuff without feeling cluttered and cramped.

I moved my desk in the sunroom and then added a table to the left for all the modems, routers, printers, speakers, and my huge calendar.  Now I actually have a little room on my desk to write! :-)

I also brought up a desk that was in the playroom for the kids.  We have had a hard time finding Olivia a place to sit down and do her homework where she can concentrate.  Doing it at the kitchen or dining room table always resulted in other little people joining her. 

I also hooked up their computer to the internet!  Now they can play all their little games that we've bookmarked on their own desk instead of mine! ;-)  Anyone have any suggestions for popup/ad blockers and a safe internet program?  It's PC so I pretty clueless! ;-)

I also went and got some new pencils, markers, crayons and paper for them to put in their new little desk!  I have challenged them to keep it as organized as they can, putting everything back in it's place when they're done!

We are also getting into the habit of closing the door every time you go in and out.  Another problem I was having is that Rhodes would climb up to my desk and click around.  NOT GOOD!

This is the view into the kitchen from the sunroom!  Loving that the kitchen is now 100% the kitchen with no other purpose!

Anyways, it's not pretty, but at least it's functional!  I still plan on shopping around for things like a tall lamp for next to me, a small area rug to cover the yucky carpet, and a small bookshelf to organize all my books.  And possibly a chair too!   We'll see, it's a pretty small room! 

I'm happy to have a new little spot to call my own!!


  1. Southeastern Salvage near us has cheeeeeapo rugs. Also, TJ's had cheap (like $25) floor lamps last week. Have you heard of freecycle? its a site in bham that gives away free things.

  2. We use a pikluk browser on our computer for the boys. You enter the websites they are allowed to go to and they aren't able to click on any ads etc. Also there aren't any pop ups. There is also an email function on there for the kids, but our boys aren't quite old enough for that yet. :)

    As usual, love checking your blog- fun to see you a few weeks ago at the park!

  3. i love it and am so happy for you that you have your own little space! where do you do all of your sewing?


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