Monday, March 7, 2011

Socks Sew Cute!

 **  This tutorial shows you how to DO this particular project, and how NOT TO DO this particular project!

Recently Lillian has become quite particular about her socks.  The littlest things bother her toes and such.  It was getting to the point of meltdowns and refusal to wear shoes.

SO, I told her let's go to the store and find some socks that she likes.  BUT ONLY, if she lets me make them pretty! :-)

We found some socks that I think will hug her feet a little better, therefore fitting better!

They just don't make cute socks anymore!  And Lillian is definitely still at the age where lace and bows and frills are OK!  Plus, she likes them!

I dug into my craft stash and found a bunch of lace and eyelette. 

I then pinned some of the lace to the end of the sock (right side out). 

Then I went around sewing the lace to sock.

This was my first attempt and result.

I didn't LOVE it.  I wanted more ruffle from the lace.

So the second time around, I didn't pin the lace to the sock.  I went straight to the machine and began to sew around.  PULLING the elastic around the sock as I sewed. 

PULLING the sock as I sewed around gave the lace a much better "ruffled" look!  This was also done with the sock RIGHT SIDE OUT. 

On my third attempt, I decided to turn the sock inside out and do the same thing.  I pulled the sock as I sewed some lace on.  Then I tacked the raw edges together with one or two little stitches and a back stitch.

Then once turned right side out and folded down, it gave a double ruffled look!  I thought this one was SUPER CUTE!

And that's it!!  It's super easy and jazzes up those boring socks!

Also, please don't be lazy like me and leave light yellow thread in the machine and sew on white socks.  :-)

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  1. Sew cute!! Those look like Target brand socks..we really like those. Also, you can make little bows with the 1/4 or 1/2 in. thread like you do her hair bows and hand sew them on her socks, too. I think they're cute.


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