Thursday, March 24, 2011

That Time Again!

Hey Y'all!  I'm back.  Nothing like a little stomach bug to set you back a few days!  Lillian gave it to Rhodes, Rhodes gave it to me, and we spent Tuesday in bed together sipping on Gingerale and Gatorade!  Nice, eh!?

And unfortunately, Tuesday night was Landon's first big baseball game of the season!!!   I didn't make it and HATED missing it, but my mommy duties were calling big time!

But here are some pics from his practice game last week!  His team is the Boston Red Socks! :-)

Robert played catcher during the practice game!  I think he loved being out there!

Rhodes just sat in the stroller and ate!  Can't believe he sat there the whole time!!!  Let's hope it lasts all season!

Landon's been put at pitcher right now!  The boys are doing great...I think it just takes time to learn how to field and know exactly what's going on!  But practice makes perfect....RIGHT!?!

He's definitely a GREAT hitter!

I'm looking forward to this season! The weather has been GREAT and makes for perfect ballpark days!!


  1. So sorry y'all have been sick! Baseball season looks like fun. Can't wait til we're doing that!

  2. rhodsie is so cute....he has to sit still....he is bolted in


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