Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 Down, 2 To Go

One holiday down, 2 more to go for the year !! It seems like halloween kicks off all the rush of the holiday season. But I'm think I'm ready for it. I've been seeing Christmas decorations for a while now in my local CVS and Walmarts. Craziness.

We did do a tiny bit of trick or treating. I tried to take advantage of having the kids dressed cute together and get some pics. I'm so close to giving up even trying to get a decent pic of them all looking at me. It went a little like this:

Oh well.

We also tried to get some of all 5 of us. Even though Robert had eyeliner on...hey, at least we're all 5 in a picture. We got one decent one then then it was downhill after that!

Forget it. I'm starting to think it's impossible for us all to be dressed cute, clean faced, looking at the camera and smiling for a picture.

We trick or treated went with another family and it was so much fun. When Landon, not remembering at all how it worked from last year, realized that all you do is go door to door and get candy, he said in his bestest little boy voice, "Ooooohhhh, this is soooooo cooooooool!!!!!!!!!!" And then it really clicked and we followed them the rest of the evening.

Look at Lillian's face...that child has never had so much candy in her life. No one got sick, thank goodness. But they were in a sugar-induced rage the rest of the weekend. And they're all still alive. :-)

Now bring on Thanksgiving...I can use some good excuse to eat a lot and then nap a lot!! Mmmmm....turkey!!!

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  1. I hear ya! Bring on Thanksgiving. I LOVE cranberry sauce and dressing. Lately, I've been craving it so much, I've thought about making it. Alas, I'll probably hold out.
    Your little Ole Miss kiddos looked precious! I'm glad they had so much fun trick-or-treating.
    Tristan wasn't quite as excited as I thought he would be. I mean, free candy, right? Since this was his first time (not counting infanthood), he was kind of timid. I'm sure he'll have it all figured out by next year. :)
    Asher was just worried about seeing all the dogs in the neighborhood and pointing them out to everyone in our party. :)

    LOVE your pics. The not so perfect ones will be the ones you will cherish the most one day. That's what I tell myself anyway! :)


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