Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CVS Trippin'

Long time no trips!!! Until lately! Soooo......thought I post my recent CVS trip. I haven't been CVSin' too much in the past weeks. It just may be because.........wait for it...........Robert threw away $25 of my ECBs!!!!!!!! My heart only stopped beating for a couple of seconds after I found out. It was pretty devastating. I mean, that's like free money...to turn into more free money!

Needless to say, I've had to slowly rebuild my ECBs. Which had only amounted to $10 for this trip. I'm also only trying to buy things that our family uses on a daily basis, or stuff that's free or less. :-)

My trip:

2 Pampers cruisers $20.00
2 Olay lotion $12.00
1 candy 50% off $2.49 (ok, so I didn't have coupons for this...the chocolate and peanut butter was screaming my name from the sale bins)

Sub total: $37.93


$1.50 - pampers
$1.50 - pampers
$2.00 - olay
$2.00 - olay
$5/$30 - CVS halloween coupon
$10.00 - ECBs

Total: $13.20 (Would have been less if that candy hadn't been yellin' at me)

Received back $10.00 ECBs from pampers and olay.

So this isn't one of those transactions that you pay pennies for, but I got TWO packs of diapers!! AND some lotion! And the candy that was screaming my name! You would pay $13 bucks at Wallyworld for ONE pack of pampers diapers alone.

I'd say well worth it.

Have you been saving lately??


  1. I haven't done the CVS thing in like three weeks. We have seriously had so much going on, I've barely had time to breathe. I looked today, though, and I have some ECBs that expire today. So I have to get on track.
    I never got a $5 coupon. Figures. I haven't gotten an email coupon from CVS in what seems like an eternity.
    I would LOVE to take advantage of the Pampers deal, but I have no coupons for them. :( Where did you get yours? On the Pampers list? I used to be but haven't gotten coupons from them in forever.
    Help a sista out! :)

  2. Great job! I have been sooo terrible at the CVS thing lately. I have been a major shopping slacker. Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon!

  3. Yes, been trippin'! Yesterday I went for the diapers, but they didn't have T3's size in the "jumbo" pack, so the manager pro-rated the "mega" pack for the sale...now, they won't give you the ecbs if they pro-rate, but I still had my two $1.50 off coupons, so I came away with 112 diapers for $17...pretty good, I'd say!

    Have you checked out Rite Aid? They have freebies every week when you apply for the rebate. Yesterday i got two toothbrushes and ten soyjoy bars - all on sale and I'll get a full rebate!

    Sorry Robert chunked the ecbs. My heart goes out to you. :)


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