Thursday, November 13, 2008

Better Than I Thought

So yesterday, as I was forcing myself to iron through 2 weeks worth of laundry, I turned on Oprah. And I actually learned something - I may not be as messy as I thought. She is having an "Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour". Now, if this woman thought it would be worth the time on her show to do a "tour" of America and clean up houses, it must be an epidemic!!!

First, I'd love for them to knock on my door. They had great ideas for organizing and storing, but I'm pretty sure Oprah footed the bill to practically redo these peoples closet/rooms, etc. It wasn't cheap getting organized. Now that would be a great show - organize your house for $200 or less!!!

Also, the biggest thing for me when I was cleaning out the past couple weeks (and also what they said on the show) was that you actually create more space. They would time themselves on how long it took to clean out one big kitchen cabinet. It was like 6 minutes. The point being, it doesn't take all day to clean out something. He said start with 10 min a day and in month you should be organized.

I went through the same steps he did in piles - trash, donate, sell, keep. It worked for me.

BUT, it was CRAZY to see the inside of some of these people's houses. After seeing a few, I was like, "whew...well, my house isn't quite as bad as that". Not trying to be judgmental...I'm sure it has looked like that some days. But I guess we always tackle it before it gets out of hand.

Anyway, I just though it was funny that Oprah is making such a big deal about it. It must mean there are lots and lots of people who struggle with this like me. And as they said on the show, "You can't control the chaos in the world right now, but you can control what is inside your home." I have to say, I kinda quit watching Oprah was getting a little much. But this was one of her better shows - applicable to me. :-)

Now what would a post be without any cute pics of the fam!! :-)

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  1. Such CUTE kiddos!

    Thanks for the email. I will's just crazy right now! :)


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