Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Until Next Week

To all my (few) loyal blog readers, I think I'm going to take a week off of blogging. This week has started incredibly insane....I'm hoping it ends with me napping after a big, huge turkey dinner times THREE!! Yes...three Thanksgiving meals! I'm pumped.

But today, I'm tired and sore. I had a minor emergency outpatient surgery yesterday. I'll spare you the details, but all is well!! It means the pain I was having wasn't in my head and it was real. (I started to feel like I was going crazy!) Now I'm going to feel MUCH better! Seriously, everything is okay....I SWEAR, no need to bombard me with questions...please! :-)

Then this morning, while I'm feeling kinda puny, Robert accidentally put his hand through the glass window in our kitchen!! So needless to say it was chaos this morning.

Thank goodness it's a short week and we have a long holiday weekend!! I'm sure all the blogs out there will be posting their festivities!! I know I will.

Oh, I intend to use my "laying in bed" time finishing Twilight - this new series everyone is talking about. I have to say, it's not nearly as "vampirey" as I thought it would be. Much different...but REALLY good. I can't wait to see the movie when I'm done. And then read all the sequels!! :-)

And finally, a funny picture of the kids high on sugar eating s'mores from the fire we made the other night!!!

I promise Landon really is happy...I think we had asked him to say cheese too much! :-)


  1. So...I totally want to bombard you with questions...but I won't. I am glad you are ok and I hope you have some good re-coop time. I can't believe that about Robert sticking his hand through the window...when it rains it pours, huh?


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