Friday, November 21, 2008

Club Pub

Ok, so I totally stole that nickname of Publix from Fiddledeedee's blog. But I like it!! :-)

I quickly ran into Publix to get all the kids a free cookie - snack time before ballet - gotta love Publix. I also had to get cheese cubes for Olivia's Thanksgiving feast for school!! Oh, and while I was there, I used up some of my coupons on this week's deals. I may or may not go back, we'll see what Sunday's coupons bring us! :-)

Total before coupons/sales: $71.57

Coupons used: $21.95
Sales: $27.53
Total Savings: $49.48

Total Out of Pocket: $22.09 a savings of 69%!!!!!

Keep in mind, the cheese was NOT on sale... :-( Also, I messed up a little and got Sister Schubert biscuits (not on sale), instead of rolls....making my total higher. Though I did have a coupon for them.

To give you an idea...this sale/coupons made the: pickles ($0.39/each), cream cheese ($0.75/each), chex mix ($0.24), frozen veggies ($0.19/each) etc, etc, etc.

Y'all still like it when I post my deals??? :-)


  1. Oh MAN! I WANT A PUBLIX!!! Keep them coming! Way to go!

  2. I love seeing the deals.... I need to head to Publix today for sure!

  3. I love Publix! I work almost across the street from one so I pop over after work more than I should. Ok, I clip coupons from the Sunday paper... how do you get so many? I feel like I'm missing some coupon secret!

  4. Wish we had a publix! keep the deals coming! i need inspiration. ditto do you get so many coupons?

  5. I get the coupons from the sunday paper...i also get my grandmother's paper, and if they are really good, i'll buy another one! Also, you keep you eyes peeled for coupons in stores..Publix puts out coupon books a good bit!!

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