Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't Knock It 'til You Try It

So during this time of economic hardship....yeah, yeah, yeah, well...we're always trying to be frugal - economy or not. But I've never "stooped" to this level. And will a lot more now!!

First, let me say, I am not "brand loyal" to many things. Maybe pepsi and I have some favorite brands of jeans, but I really could care less what the labels on our things say. Second, we've been blessed with lot of nice children's clothing. My mother-in- law used to work at an adorable children's boutique and would shower her grand kids with lots of cute clothes. Not to mention the hand-me-downs from the older grandchildren!!! It was through her generosity that I learned all these different brands of cute children's clothing lines. I still do not know all of them, but can usually recognize or spot them with ease now.

Now, I certainly do not have a "standard" to which I dress my kids. They wear walmart clothes, target clothes as well as nice "boutique outfits". If they are the pricier outfits, they were either hand-me-downs or bought at a %75 off sale!! But recently, the hand-me-downs are starting to run out. Which means...dun..dun..dun.....we have to actually start buying seasonal clothes for out kids!!! Uh oh. I mean, I just haven't had to shop for seasonal wardrobes before.

Needless to say, we're starting to find some frugal ways to dress our kids. I love the clearance racks anywhere. Whether it be target or a cute store we've picked up clothes for them there.

But the other day, Robert suggested I go to the Jimmie Hale Mission Bargain Center to shpe for the kids. My first gut reaction was, uh....NO! My reasoning being, I'd rather find newer clothes that would last longer. (What was I thinking!)

So last weekend we started redoing the girls room. Really, recycling old matching headboards that were my brothers and turning them into cute white headboards for twin beds in the girls room! We just needed some cheaper bed rails. (They were going to be $40 each at a "clearance center") As I was driving home Saturday morning, I decided to pull into the Jimmie Hale Bargain Center. I mean, I was just going to look and see if they had bed rails. And then get out quick.

But when I walked in, and realized how neat and organized everything was and how kind the workers were, I decided to look around a little. I cruised the kids racks and was blown away with the deals I was seeing. A Bailey Boys outfit (retailing for probably $50) for $1.99!!!!!! What!?!?! That can't be right! Flap Happy shorts (around $25) for $0.99!!! WHAT!?!?! I should buy these even though I have no one to fit into them!!

And then I finally made my way to the bed rails. $14.99 a piece!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! I walked out of there with 6 outfits, and 2 bed rails for less than I would have paid for ONE bed rail at a "clearance center".

Below are 2 of the outfits I got for Lillian. The blue, $1.99 Baily Boys outfit. The pink corduroy was $0.99. I'm thinking of getting them monogrammed for $4 bucks a piece. Still cheaper than I could have made it!!

Can you see the ruffles on her bottom!?! So cute!!

Landon and Olivia also got some pants and shirts. Some cute cords for Landon!! And play jeans for Olivia.

I didn't see and kids clothing over $1.99. Incredible. The kind workers told me they get stuff in everyday and you just have to frequent the store to find the deals. And you bet your sweet bottom they will know me after a while!!

So, I will never "knock" a place before I at least go in. You just can't judge a book (or store) by it's cover (or location or name!)!!

**One more thing. I think the reason it was bearable for me was because it wasn't like a TJMaxx or Ross, where the racks are so jammed pack with stuff that you have to use all your might to move the clothes just to look at them. It was easy to spot the good stuff. And the kids racks weren't so tightly packed. :-)


  1. which one did you go to? I went to the one in Eastwood--did not have ANY luck

  2. I am SO on board with that! We're in the same boat - lots of hand me downs from friends...and we too are going to have to buy some things for winter wardrobes...for the first time ever! We LOVE our thrift store here! I found a two room pop up tent for the kids to play in for $2.50!!! I got a Florence Eiseman dress for MW for $.79 and some Jumping Jacks Leather Mary Janes for $.98 - and a metal chandelier for $1.98 - we sprayed it a bronze-brown color and hung it in our guest bathroom...GREAT buys! And all like new! I can't wait to find out what other bargains you grab! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liz - yes, I went to the one in Irondale...they said it varies day to day. We even went back the same day and some other "boutique outfits" that I saw were GONE!!

    J - ok, so where do you like to go!! And WOW, you have found some amazing things! I'm definitely ON the band wagon now! :-)

  4. Yeah, I've always heard that's a good one to go to because the Mountain Brook people take their stuff there. And we all know that in Mountain Brook, there are nice things to be had. :)
    Glad you got some great deals!

  5. Awesome, Lindsay! I have not ventured out to the thrift stores here yet, but I really need to. When we lived in Mobile I went to a thrift store in Fairhope all of the time and I got great deals. I remember buying Banana Republic pants for $4 and things like that. I need to be filled in on where all of the thrift stores are here in B'ham.

  6. hey lindsay! where is it in irondale?

  7. It's behind Guthrie's and Milo's...You can't miss has it's big stamp on the side of the building.

  8. Hey Lindsay! I haven't spoken to you in a while! There are some coupons on plus you can help out your children's school.

    I never find the good buys :(

  9. i love reading about saving money :) I am horrible at it and clay is really good so i am trying to learn any way i can :)!!

  10. Oh girl.. you're just gettin' started. And i have some great suggestions for you.

    (i've been "thrifting" for a good three years now and I LOVE It! especially when the kids get complimented on a certain piece of clothing and I get to say, "thrift store for $.99!!" Here are some other great places although some of them may be way out of your way.. but totally worth the drive, promise!

    1. Alabaster Thrift store. This is where i get 95% of the kids clothes. Great finds. Everyday they pick three different tag colors and those tags are 30%, 50% and 75% off the already low prices. Not as "neat" as the other stores. You will want your hand sanitizer afterwards.. but not too gross.

    2. Salvation Army Family store in Hoover. Very organized and "clean." Everything is by type(i.e sweaters, shirts, blouses, e.t.c) and color. Not by sizes. You have to "dig" but i have found some awesome stuff here (two Anne Taylor shirts for $2 each). Also, Wednesdays are 1/2 off on all clothes.
    Awesome.. but expect crowds on that day.

    3. Treasures Thrift Store in Pelham. This is a new find for me. Its a smaller store than the first two and a little "pricier" (funny..when you are used to paying 1.99 for a shirt.. it seems "pricier" to pay 3.99-5.99!! Hilarious.) they also do discounts on different days and ALL their proceeds go to support missions (evangelism) in the state of Alabama.

    I will say I have had better luck with kids clothes at #1 and clothes for me and Big Jorge at #2 and #3. I hope you have fun. it is so neat to see the Lord provide great deals when you decide to stretch the money as far as it can go!


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