Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Y'all

Halloween is definitely not glorified at our house. BUT, we do think it's fun to dress up...halloween or not.

This is how my husband left the house this morning.

AND he's wearing eyeliner!! Gotta love it. Oh, there still a little accountant in there. He has a calculator sticking out of his coat pocket. And I don't think he put it there as part of the outfit...he really needs it at work today.

And one more thing, those are MY faux leather pants that I seriously wore in high school with a brown zebra jacket. And I was cute too. :-) To find his outfit, he went through a box that I like to call "dress up clothes for Olivia one day" - but it's really because I couldn't bear throwing out all my pleather and animal print clothes (velvet zebra skirt, leapard pants, teal pleather pants, real leather pants, etc). Not to mention my snakeskin knee high boots. Not making any of this up either.

What's everyone else dressing up as???


  1. That is HILARIOUS!!! I don't know what's funnier, Robert dressed up or your wardrobe! Ha! I think your wardrobe wins out. Very eclectic. :)

    Tristan is having a fit for Channing and me to dress up, but we're not. He's going to be Iron Man, and Asher's costumes are BOTH too small! Of course, we realized one was too small after cutting off all the tags and putting it on. Figures, right? A nice wasted $9. I'm going to have to try to squeeze him into his Old Navy chicken costume from last year because they're sold out. :(

    What about your kids? What are they going to be? You?

  2. I love it! Halloween is awesome! I'm going to be a peacock- a la masquerade ball, basically a dress and some face paint with feathers in my hair =)

    Hope the kids have a fun tonight! can't wait to see the pics of them in their costumes!

  3. Ok, that is seriously wrong! :) I'm laughing!

    MW is going to be Belle, complete with her fuzzy pink barbie slippers...hmmmm...interesting take...and she's stashed away little toys in a tote bag to give each member of the family for Halloween...(does she have halloween and christmas confused?)

  4. LINDSAY, i wish i could see BB's face when he reads this!!! (BB is lindsay's grandfather -also an accountant) of course i am so proud..being the queen of dress up!!



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