Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My New Theory

So.....I'm giving some seriously hardcore effort to this cleaning thing. That means I have to focus really hard at thinking about what I need/want to clean out/organize, and even harder at the best way to do it.

My theory is that the more organized I am, the easier it is going to be to keep clean. I'll let ya know how it turns out soon...but my guess is a big fat YES.

Also, I think the reason I never really got organized to begin with in this house, was that I was pregnant when we moved and then got too fat to organize and clean a lot, THEN I had a newborn. So now that life's a little calmer now (yeah...right), I have the time and desire to get organized.

I started with my closet and armoir. Boy was that fun. Let's just say I have a HUGE bag of stuff to give to Hannah Home when they call...they might not actually hang up on me this time since I'll be saying "Yes!". If I hadn't worn an item in the past 2 +/- years, it went in the bag. It felt so good, not to mention freed up a ton of storage space AND space in our closet and my armoir!!

Then last week, I headed to the kitchen. I pulled everything out of my kitchen cabinets and china cabinet. What surprised me the most about reorganizing was how much space I created when putting things back in a better space! I actually have an empty cabinet over my fridge now that wasn't there before! Even more space in our china cabinet, AND nothing crammed on top of the fridge or cabinets by the ceiling!! Amazing. Hannah Home is also getting a wedding present waffle maker (and a few odd and end things) that I think we've only used one time in our marriage!

So now I have a spice cabinet that has never looked so good...at least to me.

And my silverware drawer...pretty darn organized, if I don't say so myself.

BUT.....I will always have one of these.

A junk drawer. I mean, sometimes, things just don't have a perfect spot.

The other hard thing for me was being creative on what to store things in. I've read great organization articles that have amazing ideas, but they spent a fortune on pretty wicker baskets, or other organizing items. I didn't want to have to go buy anything.

I also got to tackle the kids closets....pulling out clothes that were too small, reorganizing closets and drawers. Not my favorite thing to do but it's got to be done and it feels so good afterwards.

I know some of you people are like, "hello, how can you NOT live organized" or "why the heck is it so hard for her?".
Well, it just is. BUT, I'm workin' on it. It's hard..but I'm workin' on it.

Now, on to getting better about the actual cleaning part......


  1. It's okay. You are the coupon guru. If you were the organizing guru too, we'd all hate you :)

    Congrats on getting started though!

  2. wow.. we are doing the exact same thing! I am sitting on my bed, taking a break to feed Henry and there are about 5 piles around me and on the floor. The big boys are at my moms so I thought this was a good time to do this. I had the exact same thought, "If I can get back organized, then I can just maintain everyday." You are so right. I wonder how many other mothers out there feel that we are not organized enough? Probably every single one of us! Great post! Very encouraging to me!

  3. I'm with ya. It always feels SO good to organize! I did that with our playroom several months ago, and it was SUCH a breath of fresh air (don't look at it today, though). :)

    I am so disorganized. I even went to an organization seminar to get better, but it didn't last long. I feel like a hopeless case! It all comes down to time...between work, soccer, church, the family, where is the time to clean and organize? I guess I just have to make the time. :)

    Good for YOU, my friend!

  4. Quick idea--- I have yet to implement it in my own home, BUT you may find it helpful for cheap organizational ideas. Junk drawer issues or electronic cords, camera stuff can all go in one of those hanging shoe organizers. You can get one that hangs on the door or one that is narrow to hang maybe in a hall closet. Just a thought and it's a pretty affordable option. Also, Home Goods has GREAT deals on baskets in case you are in the market down the road!!

  5. Lookin' good! Way to go! You've just inspired me to clean out my spice cabinet! :)

  6. cleaning out the closet is the BEST feeling ever. I just recently downsized from living in a three bedroom house (for five years) with so much STUFF into a two door car... talk about cleansing! Good for you on getting rid of stuff and making someone else's life better for your donations of clothing and gadgets!

    It will get easier the more you do as well.

    Good luck!

  7. your mutha struggled with this too ..it's ok kids are tooo much fun!

  8. hannah home no.-856-1234, it's in my cell phonr address book. always have it ready!! don't procrastinate!:) call today!


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