Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Serious Question

This may come as a shock to some, but it's old new around here. I'm am a horribly unorganized, not-good-at-cleaning person. It's very hard for me to keep our home up and take care of 3 kids.

So, I have some questions for you organized people out there.

Do you make a weekly cleaning schedule?? Do you know the day before what you plan on cleaning? Like do you know you'll be on your hands and knees cleaning baseboards every Tuesday morning no matter what life brings ya'? Or do you clean as necessary? How efficient are you with your cleaning?

Do you have help from either your husband or a weekly/bi-weekly helper? Do you make a list and divide chores?

Is is truly possible to have a perfectly clean house AND raise kids in a loving environment? Yeah, I guess I could clean and never look my kids in the eye or have any friends but is it worth it?

I'm being dead serious! I'd love to know what goes on in your household! I mean, isn't 3 kids a full time job as it is? I'm I crazy to have a hard time juggling this!? Sometimes I wanna pull my hair out! :-)

It's not that I don't desire a perfectly clean and organized house, it's just that my brain doesn't compute that way naturally.

I need some serious tips or suggestions! :-)


  1. You pride took a hit on this one, and I only have two kids. I do work part time from home, but I too desired the perfectly clean and organized home. I could stay on top of picking up nightly, but you could write your name on the dust on my furniture, or stuff a pillow with the dust bunnies in my corners and I won't even mention the bathrooms. We finally hired someone to come twice a month to do the dusting and bathrooms and floors. It's been an investment in our marriage and family! Yes, pride had to take a hit. No, by myself, I cannot keep it all together. However, having someone come in twice a month means if I keep things picked up, occasionally wipe down bathrooms with a lysol wipe, and use the greatest invention ever, the bissell flip ease, on my floors - I am happy. I feel like my home is clean. It makes me relax inside. Truly, it has been an INVESTMENT in our marriage! I am so thankful that T pushed me to do that! The hardest part - is admitting I can't do it ALL. I'm just not that good, and I like spending time with my kids and friends, too. Also, I've broken every laundry rule my Mom ever taught me...but I've started throwing everything from the day before in one cold load so that I wash and dry one load a day. That's helped keep me on top of the laundry and has taken away a lot of tension over that battle. Now for the ironing...I wish you the best. (And in case this makes it sound like I have it all together, I DON'T!) Can't wait to read some other responses.

  2. Thanks J! Well, we have talked about a bi-weekly helper. I never thought about it being an investment in our marriage BUT IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!! I agree. I used to be good at picking up at night, but lately at that point in the evening, all I can think about is sleep...and I don't even care!!! Oh, and don't get me started on ironing...i just have to force myself. THANK GOODNESS for these new NO iron shirts we got from Joseph A Banks (I think). I literally shake them out (of a hot dryer) and hang them up! Creases still down the sleeves!! AWESOME!! I've done a lot less ironing with since we've had those.

  3. I have to say that I agree with you both. I do not have kids but do have a dog that sheds constantly and I am also OCD when it comes to things being clean. I try to pick up throughout the day (before work or after) but if I am tired, then it just has to wait until I can get to it. I have learned to live in a slightly dirty house if it means that I get to bed earlier, spend time with husband, etc. I have also split the chores up between myself and my husband. I DESPISE doing dishes but he despises doing laundry so we switched on that one. I was also told by a friend that if you do a ton of laundry at once, it will never get put up. So - I have tried to only do 1-2 loads at a time. It is better to have a pile in the dirty basket rather than in a clean pile on the bed :) I must say that i give it to you moms out there for doing it all. I really do think that having someone come in every 2 weeks - even once a month at the least - to do a deep clean of baseboards, etc is a great help! Good luck and if you have any suggestions, send them my way!

  4. I also desire a clean and organized home. It is really difficult for me to relax and enjoy myself if things do not at least APPEAR straight and clean. The problem is that I am not talented in this department. I try and pick up every morning and do the usual chores that keep the house looking somewhat pulled together. However, at some point I have had to say cleaning is not eternal. I do value keeping our home as a means for me to contribute to our family, BUT I have to keep perspective to survive. It will literally drive me insane to live the rest of my life redoing exactly what I did the day before! So, I am trying to remain focused on what is eternal and give myself some grace to not have it all together. Grant and David don't even notice anyhow! ha!

    Enjoy those kids!
    My grandmother always said---they won't remember if the beds were made, only if you sat on the floor and played with them!

  5. I'm right there with you. This is an area of major struggle for me. We aren't in the position to hire anyone right now to help us, so I just have to deal with it. I go through periods of having a super neat house and neglected kids and then periods of pampered kids and a neglected house. Finding balance is incredibly difficult for me.

    Organizing doesn't come naturally to all. It's like a foreign language.

    As for Jos. A. Bank...Channing has some of their wrinkle-free shirts and pants...AWESOME!!! I laughed at first because I call it "the old man store", but I don't laugh anymore. LOVIN' the Jos. A. Bank wrinkle-free clothes. GREAT invention!

  6. at one time i had a schedule. Mondays=bathrooms, Tues.= Macs room, etc. yeah, that is out the window!! its easier for me to just clean a little here and there. BUT my baseboards need some love and i can never seem to get rid of the dust!!!! (i guess that is partly from the new carpet)...the vac. is run every few days and the tiolets get a good cleaning also... however, i don't have 3 kiddos running around...just the one (for a few more weeks) LAUNDRY is definietly my downfall- i tend to let it pile up and take one day to do it all---SOOOOO bad...but its easier for me that way. i like to THINK that our house isn't TOO horrible. haha! TC is pretty good about weeding through clutter..and MOSt of the time i wouldn't be too embarrassed if someone jsut popped in for a visit. i think it is more important for you to NOT be stressed about whatever method you you choose. a layer of dust isn't worth stresssing over (in MY non-OCD opinion) the kiddos aren't going to remember that! luv u!

  7. Definitely get help! It takes a HUGE amount of stress off of you and gives you lots more time with your kids. Our person (Jackie) cleans our house really well(bathrooms, floors, kitchen, change sheets, washes towels, empties trash cans, dusts and straightens up rooms) once a week. It is so nice to come home to a super clean house without having to do it. I don't know what I would do without her. I stress out with the cleaning I do during the week (laundry, kitchen, general messes and straightening up the clutter) along with everything else going on. Jackie is part of a package deal but before we were married Dean had a lady come clean once a week for $50, which IMO isn't too bad for all that you get. Just be careful about who you get if you go that route--work of mouth is the best way to find someone trustworthy and careful (like someone who doesn't break something every time they come clean). As for during the week, I get Marley to clean up or help clean up her room (toys and stuff) and other messes she might make, which helps a little. All the cleaning I do I do really fast and try to multitask a lot, which I'm sure you're way better at than me with 3 kids! But if you're too tired or the kids really need you, it's just not worth it to have things clean.


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