Friday, October 24, 2008


Olivia has always impressed me with how easily she learns since she was very little. She's been memorizing (more than the normal ABC's/123's) since before she was 2.

Now that she is in school, learning is even more exciting for her!! I hope this enthusiasm doesn't wear off any time soon. :-)

One of her latest memorizations (not including the weekly bible verses) is all of Psalm 100. She learned this in no time! After I videoed her today and was thinking about all the things she has memorized, I realized that she knows TONS of scripture. Ephesians 6:1, Act 16:3, Psalm 34.14, just to name a few.

She doesn't miss a word either. I was very impressed with my baby!

No, getting Landon to memorize is a completely different story. He's probably going to learn best while dribbling a ball...just like my brother!


  1. "It's a long verse."
    How PRECIOUS! I know you and Robert must be so proud!!! Good for you, Olivia!

  2. That's awesome! Go Olivia!!!

  3. Precious, precious, precious! :)

  4. so proud....she is amazing like her mom!!

  5. she does have one pretty amazing mom! way to go Olivia!

  6. i LOVE that!


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