Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

What a nice weekend. With Robert's awesome new job, he works some pretty insane hours during the week. He works so hard and is a great provider, but we're pretty excited to have him to ourselves when the weekends roll around. And last weekend he went to the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game, so we felt like it had been a while since we'd seen him!!

It started off with a huge family reunion dinner. Our cousins from all of the world were all home! So we had to get a pic with all the great-grandchildren (#8 will be here in 2 weeks!).

Saturday we finally got around to finishing out some hardwoods in the closets in the house. Nothing like waiting over 2 years. We were so tired of working on our house 2 years ago and just wanted to get in it. We said we'd do them right when we moved in. Yeah, right. But it sure is nice to finally have done. Now, if we could only find time to paint the other 2 sides of the house..... It's never ending, isn't it.

Olivia learned how to play checkers! So fun!!! Of course, Robert made me come and "play a quick game...lemme show you who your daddy is..." And of course, I whipped him. :-)

You know how much we love our plasma cars. We're always finding new places to ride them.

Oh, and Lillian sat out that ride. I'm not that crazy. :-)

Last but not least!! Robert pulled Olivia's tooth out!!!!!

And the tooth fairy brought her a $1.00!!! :-)

Oh, one more thing. If ya can't tell, I totally changed my blog. Hope you like...just needed a it's really, really, really fun. I wish I could save all the looks it's had...but I guess you just move on!


  1. The blog looks great Linds!! We miss you guys.. Tell everyone we said hello..

    love yall

  2. Sounds like a productive and fun weekend. :) Yea for Olivia! First tooth. Gotta love the tooth fairy!

  3. What Lindsay doesn't tell you all is that I had to turn right back around and play Olivia to get my confidence back.....It's definitely nice to just hang with the fam....

  4. plasma cars look sooo fun!!

  5. Such a fun weekend! I know Olivia was happy to lose that first tooth! Sooo much fun!

  6. wow.. we still have all our teeth. jackson tries to pull one out like everyday, but they are not even loose yet! I do love your blog... how did you do it?


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