Thursday, October 23, 2008

"BIG Job"

Everyday when Olivia gets home from school we unpack her backpack. I look to make sure no notes were sent home. I also get to see all the hard work she is doing.

So today, her "assignment" really caught my eye.

First, this is what Olivia drew.

I got her to explain it to me and it went like this.

Me: (reading the directions and holding the picture out to her) Draw a picture of your father or mother working.

Olivia: That's YOU! (smiling)

Me: (pointing at the obvious) What's that?

Olivia: That's your baby. You're rocking the baby. I told them that you work right here at home. And it's a BIG JOB!

Awe! My sweet baby appreciates me!

Now onto the baby in the arms....apparently my at my "work", I have a baby in my arms a lot. Well, I guess that kinda makes sense from her perspective.

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