Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Talk Hair

Now here's a change of pace for me!!! haha  HAIR!

I recently fell in love with my curling iron.  I can't believe I waited so long to learn how to use one!  You see, my hair has gotten pretty long (for me) and a girl need options!  I was getting sick of it just laying straight or in a ponytail.  And I would try to curl it with curlers to try and get waves like the celebs but I could never seem to get it just right.  A girl can dream right?!  I'm sure they have a whole crew around them doing their hair.  Not to mention that some of it could be extensions!

Well, I bit the bullet and purchased a fairly inexpensive 1" curling iron for $32...not to bad, eh?

Then I did something out of the ordinary for me.

I went to youtube and searched "get celeb waves with 1" curling iron".

WOW...there were lots of tutorials.   But the second video I clicked on had me hooked.  I HAD to try it out! Here's the video....

Seems easy enough...RIGHT?!

Well, you better bet during nap time I took my shower and prepped for some curling iron action.  

Sure it took a little long the first time.  But overall, it was actually pretty easy once I figured out which direction to wrap the hair and how to hold the curling iron!  I was just so shocked to NOT use the little clamp on the curling iron.  It was a foreign concept to me to just wrap the hair around the barrel!!!  But that seems to be the "secret" to the loose wave!

I quite impressed with my first time results!

Here they are!

I'm so glad to have other ways to wear my long hair...because I don't want my only "change it up" option to be "cut it off"!!! 

I've now "done the 'do" a few times now and I'm definitely getting faster!  And if I let my hair air dry for a little bit before I start to blow dry it, it only takes maybe 20 minutes or less from drying time through curling time.  Not too bad when it gives you a little self esteem boost about your hair.  Especially hair that hasn't been cut in *achem* 4 months!!!!

What other hair tricks are there to do with my new curling iron???!


  1. Beautiful! I just took the "cut it off" approach at the salon yesterday...kindof regretting that decision after reading this post :-)

  2. I haven't cut mine in 6. Talk about deadends!! Yours looks great though!! My arm always gets tired when I do the curling iron. But who knows...might need to watch that tutorial

  3. LOVE the hair!! I'm coming over for a make-up hair tutorial. Okay, thanks :-) Love you!

  4. love that you posted this! i have been in the same habit of long and straight or in a ponytail and I. AM. SICK. OF. IT. thanks for the tips!!

  5. u are beautiful no matter what...does look good:)

  6. thank you for this!! my hair is so long and stringy these days. tried the video this weekend and it was really easy!


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