Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Kitchen...For Now

You asked for it, you got it!

Here is how the kitchen is looking these days.  Nice and clean and WHITE! ;-)

The view from Robert's office.  As you can see, he still has a little work to do on those.  Paint, sheet rock, caulk, etc. 

BUT, even with a little work left to do on those windows, they still look MUCH better with out broken glass, and ugly metal frames just sitting there.

Loving the cabinets all one color!  And I have to say, the paint is holding up well.  It's also super easy to wipe down and clean.

Now about those light fixtures.  We may never agree on what to do with those.  Which is why they haven't been replaced yet.

I know the fan is ugly, but I love it.  And use it all the time.  It gets hot in this little kitchen!

I suggested that we get 2 matching fixtures and just put one up until we sell the house.  That way, I can still use my ugly fan.  ;-)

Robert wants to just get it all done at once.  Which I totally get.  I just know I'll miss my fan.

So would it be so awful to put a prettier fan up?  And then another fixture over the table??

Robert also though track lighting would be nice.

We don't know...we're so bad at this "deciding and picking out" thing.

My nice clean, white desk!  No more chip and scuff marks!  I was able to organize my file drawer full of coupons and now school files!  Always have to have my big calendar up or I have no idea what day it is!

So there it is!  It's just a simple, clean change that I'm enjoying so far!

Who knows when we'll actually completely finish it.  But I will let you know if there will be any other changes!!!!

Thanks for walking with me through it!


  1. It looks awesome! I still can't believe you took down and rehung those cabinets and drawers on your own! Feel free to head on over to our house when you get a chance - our kitchen needs TONS of work :)

  2. KEEP THE FAN - my kitchen is miserable without one ;-)

    Looks AWESOME!

  3. The kitchen looks awesome!!! Great work!

  4. Looks beautiful! I agree with RS- a ceiling fan is essential! and whoever buys the house is probably going to think so too. I would get a nice looking fan and a matching fixture. I SO miss ceiling fans, they aren't as popular out west.

  5. Oh - it is looking SO GOOD! I know you are thrilled! Nice new paint feels so clean and fresh. I am so happy for you!

    On the fan - I can't imagine my kitchen without one, either. And mine is ugly, too. If Robert is dead set on replacing the fan with matching fixtures, ould you put a small fan on top of the upper cabinets and aim it down? I've considered (one day when we redo our kitchen) finding an antique metal fan and mounting it to the wall and swiveling/aiming it in the right direction...just thinkin' out loud.

    Again, I am SO happy for y'all!

  6. looks great! My kitchen is tacky, with a capital T! I can't decide on certain things so we haven't started renovations there yet!

    But! I wanted to invite you to my blog! I am giving away a free 3 month subscription to JUMPSTART the online educational game site for kids!

    I think your kiddos would really enjoy it!

  7. It's SO great! I love how crisp and clean it looks. And I use my fan in the kitchen all the time too. I would definitely keep it or get a prettier one. A white one would almost blend in with the ceiling. Great job!

  8. It looks sooo great, Lindsay! I have been wanting to paint our kitchen for a while now and you MAY have just inspired me to move forward with it....before the baby comes anyway. LOL! Great job!

  9. WOW! It looks GREAT!!! So nice and clean!! We are a fan family too...I don't have on in the kitchen but every other room has one. I sleep with it on high and pile on the covers!!!

    Your kitchen looks fabulous!


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