Monday, October 25, 2010

Got Our Craft On

Happy Monday!!

As y'all know, I'm not the craftiest person out there.  Yes, I sew a little but that's about it.

I do, though, have a small "craft box" tucked away in my closet for certain times like this:

Our annual PUMPKIN PAINTING!  ;-)

The kids love this so much.  And it's so easy and inexpensive! 

We hiked our dress up to not get paint on it!

Rhodes ate collected acorns for us.

Olivia painted Ole Miss on one of her pumpkins.  And it was TOTALLY her idea! :-)

Lillian's painted her a little more abstract!

Landon....going for the more literal "paint a face on the pumpkin" look. 

This guy gave me some looks that day!  Look at that belly!  It was so hot I just let him run around in his diaper and shirt!  Shoes necessary because of all the acorns!

SO serious!  She's actually quite the little artist when she wants to be!

Trouble.  With 5 teeth and 2 more about to come through! Yikes!

Going up.down.up.down. the stairs.  He's a pro now.

Rhodes did not escape without getting into a little paint....

Cleaning up!

I don't even have pictures of the final pumpkins! :-( But it was a good hour or so of fun!!!

Just wait until I show you the pumpkins we CARVED!!!! :-)

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