Friday, October 22, 2010

In Between The Chase

While Landon was being chased around by our new little friend, Lillian and Rhodes were checking out the playground!

Rhodes was almost completely entertained by watching all the kids run around!

Then he realized there were a few things to play around with and began to crawl and walk around.

Lillian caught the attention (shocker) of several caregivers at the park.  Commenting on her age and attitude.  (This is coming a very common occurrence these days)  But she just scaled all the park jungle gyms like no big deal.

Pretty panties, smocked dresses and all

Taking breaks when she needed to.

New parks are so much fun!  New stuff to play on!!!  I just hate Olivia misses out on it.  But she LOVES piano and is very good at it too!



  1. I think Rhodes is looking a lot like Landon these days!

  2. All of your kids are absolutely adorable...but Rhodes just tugs at my heart! I am in love with that precious baby...he is just the cutest little thing ever!!


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