Friday, October 1, 2010

Labor Equals Value

* pictures and text have nothing to do with each other*

So the kitchen.  The painting is DONE!  Yay! But I can't decide whether to post pics before or after we do the lighting and once Robert completely finishes the window.  They're framed out but need to be painted. :-)

Y'all, I pretty proud my kitchen.  I mean, I actually did most of the work!  I primed 3/4's of them by myself.  Robert AND I both first and second coated them.  

Then I (yes, all by myself) re-hung every.single.cabinet and drawer.  Electric drill and all!

Oh yeah!

Then....I got all crazy and decided to repaint my desk!!!!!

Who am I!??!

It needed it bad.  It was all scraped up.  Now it's as good a new!  

I also got to rearrange my desk and clean/dust behind it!  Yikes, it needed it.

We still have to pick out and replace the under-cabinet lighting.  I'm not sure when that will be happening.  Hopefully soon!

The two ceiling light fixtures will be "dealt with" as well.  When, I dunno. 

Robert did a beautiful job on the windows in the kitchen.  I want to hang some window treatments above them to match the one hanging over the sink.  Just good old blue toile.  :-)

I'm also proud to say that there are NO random items (except for playdough - which cannot be left out within hand reach of my children) that are sitting on top of the cabinets!

Which brings me to the title of this post.  

Since I worked pretty hard on these cabinets, I practically won't let the kids touch them!  

And if one splatter of anything gets on them, I wipe it up ASAP!

And my desk....I won't even set my coffee cup on it!  :-)

I'm pretty sure the kids see it too.  If they start to jump up on the counter, they catch themselves as to not accidentally kick the cabinets and scuff them up!

It's such a valuable lesson.  Labor = Value.  And one that I'm afraid isn't around much anymore.  BUT, I hope to instill it in my kiddos!!!

I just hope it last a while for me and my kitchen!!


Do you want pics NOW?  Or after it is like, completely done?  Which I have no idea when that will be?!???


  1. NOW!!!! :-) Beautiful family!!


    And later!!! :)

    I am so proud of you and so happy for you! :)

  3. I will agree with everyone else and say...BOTH!!!

    I love all the sweet pictures of the kiddos. I mean it when I say, I cannot believe how big they are all getting! Olivia looks so grown up and Landon does too, Lillian's hair is getting so long, and Rhodes is just as cute as can be walking around!

  4. now now now!!!! i like before, middle and after photos. for some reason i like seeing the work in progress.

  5. I agree. I want both. I know it's so hard to share your work with others until it is completely "done" but, let's be honest, when is anything ever completely finished? especially in our houses.

    Speaking of things that are constantly a work-in-progress, I hope you could find a little time to hop on over to my new blog, It's a new photography blog based in Jackson Hole, but we are interested in hearing from photographers from all over. You sprang to mind because of your lovely photos as well as your amazing blog. It would mean a lot to me if you could follow our blog and toss in some comments from time to time!

    Thanks so much Lindsay!

  6. I want them when they're done. So it's a big surprise.

    Also, I am WAY impressed by all you've done. I find it hard enough putting together bookshelves from Target.

  7. I want to see them now!! And then later too, of course! I've been so anxious to see how it turned out! Props to you for taking on such a big project! Very impressive!


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