Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Tour

Hey Friends!

I've been wanting to share some blogs with you guys that I've been enjoying reading lately.  Some I've followed for a couple of years, some just a few months.   Most of them are small time bloggers compared to Pioneer Woman, Dooce, or Smitten Kitchen, (all blogs I visit every once in a while and enjoy) but I think that's what I liked about them.

I think it's kind of funny what blogs I'm drawn to.  Some are other moms that are similar to me and share lots of same parenting or spiritual views.  Others I like because of the photography.  And some...well, they are just completely OPPOSITE of me  But I guess I keep reading thinking I could learn something from them.  And I think I do! :-)

Most of these I haven't linked in my side bar.  So here's a little tour of blogs I like! :-)

*If you don't read anything else, please read #5 because it talks how I can respond to comments through email if need be!  Just a quick "blog housekeeping" tip for everyone!*

1)  One of the first (actually I think THE very first) "random" blogger I began following was My Life In Transition.  She was just married, a marathon runner and full time workin' girl.  (See, totally opposite).  But I liked her pictures, her writing, her humor and then she got pregnant and was very open about her pregnancy.  She cloth diapers (another thing I don't do) and now has returned to work and juggling marriage, a baby, breastfeeding, and a work schedule!  And does a great job from what I can tell.  Anyway, after a couple of years of following her, I feel like I know her...you know...in a bloggy way. 

2)  Marital Bless  This blog I started following towards the end of her first pregnancy.  She was wanting to go natural (and did) and that always fascinates me.  I love birth stories of all kinds.  Plus, she has shared some struggles her and her husband have gone through financially, physically (a miscarriage), and emotionally and then how they leaned into the Lord to get through them.  She's starting her own photography business, so obviously, I love the photos too!  Her little boy is so cute!

3)  Making Home I started following this blog 2 kids (out of 5) ago.  She doesn't post very often, but when she does...it's meaty!  They live in Turkey and home school their kids.  I'm pretty sure I'm drawn to her wisdom!

4) Good Food, Good Friends, Good Life  Another mommy blogger who I began following before pregnancy and baby and then through her pregnancy and baby.  She also wanted to go natural (and did) and follows the attachment parenting lifestyle.  Which works great for her...but again one of those blogs that is totally opposite of me.  But I enjoy her pictures, thoughts on life, reflections on motherhood and now they are moving and going to redo a house!  Should be fun to watch! :-)

5)  La Buena Vida  This blog is a fairly newer blog I've been following.  Just over the past 4 or 5 months I think.  She's a great blogger.  Lots of variety!  Seems very real in her posts and I appreciate her honesty about things.  She can also post some pretty hilarious things too.  I also enjoy her photography.  Sometimes she post before/afters.  Other times she does a weekly photography challenge that she writes about.  Her little girl is also SUPER cute!
Oh, and you HAVE to read her post on blogging.  I TOTALLY related to this.  Especially when my readers ask me questions.  Following these super easy steps she talks about will turn you into a "no-reply blogger" to a "reply blogger" where I can respond directly to your comment through email and answer ANY question you want! ;-)  Trust me when I (we) tell you that it makes things a lot easier for me and YOU! :-)

6) Enjoying The Small Things  Y'all this blog is AWESOME!  You have to start with her second daughter's birth story HERE.  Basically, she has this grand birth and the baby was born with Down Syndrome and no one knew the entire pregnancy!  But how she's struggled through it is touching.  The baby is such a blessing now, and if I do say so myself, one of the PRETTIEST babies I've ever seen - Downs or not!  Plus, she's an AWESOME photographer and you can see all her stuff on Flickr - I especially love that I can see the camera statistics there too!  Fun to see how they shot the picture!  She's also super crafty.  Like, I didn't know that level or craftiness existed.  But it's all very cute stuff!

I think that's enough for today!


Are there some bloggers you've "gotten to know" and enjoy reading about!?!?


  1. I too love Kelle Hampton's blog! And her pics are incredible!

  2. Funny, with the exception of like 2 people I don't personally know ANYONE with a blog! I found yours like 2 1/2 years ago...so I know what you mean when you feel like you've "gotten to know" people. I read a lot of the blogs on your blogroll actually. Your blog is often a place where I jump start my reading and I go from there. I feel like I "know" some of them! I like small-time bloggers mostly that just write about their families rather than write to a large audience. Small-time often seems more authentic/honest! Enjoy your blog, your candid posts, and your great photography.

  3. please tell me you read http://www.flythroughourwindow.com/ I think the two of you have so much in common! she lives in alabama, has 3 young children- is a great mother and wife and a great way of telling stories.

    also, http://megduerksen.typepad.com/whatever/ is a great read. she has 5 children ( youngest being 5) is very crafty- a great photographer- and sincerely honest.

    one more is http://themcmasters.blogspot.com/ another alabamian that is very involved and creative- she has great links to other families on her page ( the murphrees, the mcclendons, the pylants, "erikas blog" and the parsons.) you should definitely check them out... !


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