Monday, April 12, 2010

Dirt and Bows

I think everyone in our neighborhood was out doing yard work this weekend.  We joined in by planting our little garden - oregano, thyme, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, and jalapenos.  Let's hope my black thumb turns green this year!!  Here's to not killing any plants!!! :-)

I also fell for this contraption.  The Topsy Turvey.  This is the strawberry one.  But we also put tomatoes in the bag too.  I don't know if that's "horticulturally acceptable" (to put two plants together) but whatever.   We plan on adding some more to it once the seeds sprout.

We also pine-strawed our flower beds!  Which is, by the way, the easiest, cheapest way to make your yard look nicer.

I didn't participate outside quite as much as Robert would have liked.  BUT, I did seed the yard in my tank top, workout shorts, and cowboy boots.  I told him he needed a pic for proof, but he spared me.  And you.  ;-)

I did other work things inside the house.  Like replace sink parts.  That's very handy-woman-like, if I do say so myself.  And I'm proud to say that Robert didn't help one.single.bit.

See, when he got our bargain sink, I was spoiled with this sink soap dispenser.  I wash bottles, sippy cups, etc a million times a day.  And this little contraption was such a handy little pump.  I realized I really valued this appliance of sorts and Robert so graciously bought me a new one when the old one broke.

So in order to prove my handiness-self, I decided to install it all by my little self.  Olivia helped.  It was fun.  And now, I have my convenient soap dispenser back working full time. 

Then I did other mother-like tasks.  Like make more bows.  It's how I mark and find my children.....even in the pool.  And yes, they will be swimming in these soon. 

I'm so glad Olivia still wears bows!  And making some new ones made her want to wear them even more!!!

AND, I finally got some pictures of her!!  YAY!

Love her with long hair! 

And she totally busted after this picture.  I mean, she was okay and everything, but she was trying to smile for the camera in mid air.  Semi succeeded.  Then we both laughed.


It's going to be a GREAT week!


  1. you go girl!!! i love doing handy things around the house. makes me feel very useful and productive. i wish i could get sophie to wear bows. i'm lucky i can get her hair back at all.

  2. So proud of ya for all the gardening! even if you could've been kidnapped by What Not To Wear!lol Love the pics of Olivia. I didn't know her hair had gotten so long! Its beautiful and she is growing more beautiful with every picture!

  3. Olivia is just beautiful! Of course you know that...but she is a natural beauty! Just like her Momma! Glad you guys had such a great weekend! Hope you have a wonderful week too! I will holler at ya later!


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