Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Attention Grabbing

My hubby, of course.  He can be quite the attention grabber.  But he's taken.  Sorry.  Or not.  :-)

The kids absolutely LOVE to watch him wake board!  Me too...I mean, he IS pretty awesome at it.  And he weathered less than desirable water temps at the lake not too long ago for this developing hobby of his.

He's so talented!!  I'm not sure there is anything he does that he's not good at, now that I think about it!

My favorite part was watching Rhodes' head go back and forth, over and over again, as Robert crossed and jumped the wake during this particular run.   It was so cute....he definitely knows who his Daddy is.   They all look up to him!

Seriously, look at all those CUTE bottoms.  I could pinch them all!  Oh wait, I do.   'Cause they're so cute!

Thank you to my Mom for capturing these sweet moments of all 6 of us!!   AND remembering to send me the pics! :-)


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