Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter was with Robert's family this year.  Which was perfect because my family seemed to scatter elsewhere for this holiday this year.

This was baby Rhodes very first time to Mississippi!

And we managed to get ALL the cousins together.  Quite a feat, in my opinion!  Eight of them....so far!  There are sure to be more down the road!  Ages 12 down to 6 months!  Mimi and Poppy are surely blessed!

Brandon and Landon.  Rhymes.  hehe.  Threw Lillian for a loop.  She called Brandon, "BrLandon". 

And they were joined at.the.hip.  They threw baseballs and caught footballs for hours!

Kenzie.  She is HILARIOUS!  She talks to you like she is just as old as you.  She told someone at one point, "No sweetheart, you can't have that."

She was so lovable...she hugged and kissed everyone!

Abbey and Olivia.  The other duo.  Everyone played so well together!

We did a little celebrating Saturday night.

Baby Addison turned TWO!!!  She came in wearing a tutu!  Such a girly girl!!

We did a little egg dying.

And this squirt just sat around....

......eating tags!

We wound up nekid for this task...didn't want to ruin our pretty dresses!

All the colorful eggs!  That made delicious deviled eggs the next day!!


  1. And..of course...Lillian with food on her mouth...Gosh she makes me laugh! Looks like a beautiful time! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh, what fun! They are all adorable.


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