Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Blame Robert

So Easter morning went off with out a hitch.  At least if you don't count the fact that the girls arose before the sun, Landon devoured 12 doughnut holes for breakfast, and about 1/2 the chocolate easter candy was consumed by our kids before 9:00 a.m.  Now that I type that out, I'm shocked they actually sat through the church service!

We returned home to eat a very yummy easter dinner and the other half of the easter candy, plus the candy that the kids hunted in the eggs.

At this point, Lillian was complaining of a tummy ache.  That's what happens when you eat too much candy!

Here is Kris, Robert's brother, and his beautiful family!!

We played with all the cousins and took pictures!

See all Kenzie's hair?  Well, she and Lillian are like 2 or 3 weeks apart.  Umm, yes, Kenzie, can you please loan Lillian some of those beautiful locks?!?

Lillian would walk up behind Kenzie and just pick up her hair and run her fingers through it.  I think she was kinda jealous!  Heck, I'm kinda jealous!

Then it was time to say goodbye.  Around 3:00 pm we packed everyone in the car so we could be back in time for dinner and early bedtime for school the next day.

Well, God had other plans.

You see.......for Easter, my mom gave Robert a book.  A really, really, really good book.

So on the long car ride to Mississippi, I suggested that Robert read the book out loud to me and help pass the time. 

Oh, you ask....

...."How is that possible with 4 small kids??"

Absolutely, no clue - but God clearly shut the mouths of the lions babes.  We read 20 of the 40 chapters on the way there.  IT.WAS.WONDERFUL!  And kinda romantic too! ;-)

So needless to say, I wanted to finish up the book with all the hair raising stories of faith and trust that Frank Barker talks about through the book!

Well, when we started our trip back, we had about 1/4 tank of gas left in our car.  We were going to "get out of town" before stopping to fill up.

So we get going, I set the cruise control and Robert starts reading.  Well, I go into "lala" land hanging onto every last word Robert is reading!  I mean these stories of how he {Frank Barker} trusted God through many tough times (personally and financially) and was almost killed on several occasions from being an Air Force Fighter Pilot were riveting!!  I wasn't paying any attention to the gas gauge one bit.

Then I feel the car shut off.  I let out an "Ahh!"  To which Robert say, "What, did you see a cop!?!?!?"  ('Cause let's face it, the cruise control button wasn't quite pointing directly to the  suggested 70 mph) ;-)

"Nope!" I said, "We just ran out of gas!"

Well, long story short, Robert jumped out of the car and flagged somebody down.  We found out that the nearest exit to a gas station was 18 miles, but our "rescuer" kindly took Robert into Hickory or Chunky (yes, Chunky, MS) to a little tiny gas station that we would never have known was there - had it not been for the "good ole country boy" that pulled over for us.  I sat on the highway for maybe 20 minutes. 

The kids got all giddy at what was going on.  And thankfully, Robert wasn't upset with me.

But hey - it's not my faultI blame Robert and his sexy voice for captivating me with this enthralling biography!

Oh....and it's a biography I highly recommend!!  So go out and buy it! :-)


  1. Loving these pictures and I have ran out of gas more times than I care to admit..{haha}

    I remember on PROM night my date really ran out of gas and I had to ride to the gas station with a family that passed by...I must have really liked him cause I ended up marrying him. LOL

    Hope your having a great week! xoxo

  2. This may be your best post yet.. I love this.. NOT that you ran out of gas, but that you were so into Robert that you ran slap out of gas!! Funny, but not!! Love yall.. Thank you for the extra pics, I just love how you update them and get them to looking their best and all I have to do is RIGHT click and whhhamm I have a wonderful, colorful pic.. Thanks Linds and for the motivation and wisdom.. Love yall..

  3. Great post, Linds! Love all of the Easter pics & the hilarious out-of-gas-episode. I've heard good things about that book, too and can't wait to get a hold of a copy! Love and miss y'all!


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