Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lake Fun

Obligatory first boat ride pictures of Rhodes.  :-)  And his life vest.  Can't go on a boat ride without it!

Little smushy marshmallow.

I mean, seriously, Lillian!?  She stuck her tongue out at the Publix bagger the other day.  Of course, he thought it was cute.

Flying baby! :-)

Sunset cruise!!!  It was SO nice!

It was so beautiful!  Robert even wakeboarded!  So the water couldn't have been that cold.

Hello there.

We LOVE the lake and can't wait to go back!  Hopefully this summer we'll make it a whole lotta weekends!


  1. Olivia is looking so much older! The 4 of them are so adorable together! I miss them! Can't wait to spend LOTS of time at the lake this summer...next door to each other :)

  2. where did you get that tiny life jacket for rhodes? we need one

  3. @Moose

    I don't know where it's from...probably the store on the lake. It's more like a death trap for him, b/c if he fell in he just rolls in the water or stays face first. But at least he wouldn't go under! Ahh....don't even like thinking about that! :-)

  4. Woah. Rhodes looks like a big boy all of the sudden! I love the family pic.

  5. CUTE pictures!! Rhodes does look big! He has more hair than Luke does!

  6. Cute pictures! I can't believe how old the kids are starting to look. We need to get together before the baby arrives :)


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