Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Tube or Not To Tube

That is the question.  There's a fine line that parents have to learn to push sometimes.  Like when your children say they want to do something, then back out. 

We had to MAKE our kids get in this tube.  They argued a bit, but Robert chose to push this line.  We knew they would love it.  We told them, they had to do if for just a little bit, and if they didn't like it, then they could come in.

Well, we started.  Got to give the right hand signals.

From both of them!

A little unsure....but looks like Landon likes it.

Yeah, I think that's a happy face....

Oh yeah, pretty sure they're glad we made them get in!

Obviously, we weren't going to push the 2 year old to get on, but she insisted she wanted to ride.  So we pulled the tube in and put her in it.  Definite uncertainty.

She's not quite sure yet.   We're still letting the slack out of the rope.  Olivia and Landon are excited to go again!

Reality setting it for Lillian...really not sure she likes this.

Definitely NOT!  Olivia waving to us (as if we and the entire lake couldn't hear her already) telling us she doesn't like it.   Really!??  Couldn't hear tell.

So we pulled her in - proud of her for getting in though - and let the others go for another spin!  Landon kept wanting to go faster and faster!

It was a beautiful day to tube!

And the first thing Landon said when they were done was, "That was awesome!"

Yes, sometimes parents really do know best! It would have been so easy to give into their fear and let them stay in the boat. But we aren't here to raise fearful kids!!!

Hopefully we can get Olivia skiing this year!!


  1. love the play-by-play and those faces! if you get olivia to ski, please post your skiing tips...we are hoping my oldest, bebe, will ski this summer, but not sure we can convince her how fun it will be if she'll just try.

  2. oh my goodness, some of my best memories are from tubing! i can't even count how many we've been through over the summers growing up.

  3. oh that poor little Lillian. But definitely proud of her for wanting to go without any encouragement.

  4. love that statement...we aren't here to raise fearful kids. wisdom.

  5. So cute! We LOVE tubing. My kids laugh and laugh the entire time. Fun times!


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