Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taught Her Well

Lillian is a little under the weather today.  I'm praying the other kids will be FREE from any of this sickness!

Needless to say, I've been doing a good bit of laundry.  Specifically towels.  

And bless her heart, I found her curled up on her "sick towel pile" with the germ-x bottle right next to her.  She's been watching me use it after each time I touch her.  I guess she thought she'd use it too.

Please pray I don't get whatever she has.  I don't think I could handle 4 kids and hugging the toilet at the same time!!!  'Cause I thought handling 3 when I was sick was hard!

Update at 4:17 pm:

Landon began throwing up and Olivia threw up at school.

But the good thing is that they all have it at the same time and DURING THE DAY!! :-)

So I seriously have the best end of the bargain.

Still praying Robert and I won't get it!!!!!!!!!


  1. poor little thing! Hope she feels better! xoxo

  2. Oh that sweet girl! I hope no one else (especially you!) gets it. If it's the stomach bug - I think it's EVERYWHERE!

    I'm glad your comments are working again! :)

  3. Not sure I've commented before, but I love to read your blog!

    I hope you and your husband don't get it. The stomach flu does seem to be going around.(If that's what it is) I keep praying we don't get it in our house because I catch it so easily and I can't imagine having to take care of children and being sick like that and I only have 2!

  4. oh no! so sorry! praying you and robert stay well...and they are through the worst of it!

  5. bless her heart...I have a 3 year old who woke up with it last night. we are also praying the other 2 don't get it...or us (the parents). we are showering with sanitizer and lysol. good luck with the laundry...we are on load number 5.


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