Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Static Control

Winter time.  Static. Bleck.

Simple equation:   rub your head against a net while jumping on a trampoline + genetically inherited fine hair = STATIC GALORE!



A little rub here.  A little rub there.

(disclaimer: Robert dressed her) :-P

Resulting in Einstein-like hair.  Accompanied by - dirt-a-la-back-yard.

Absorbing the sun at times.....caring less about what her hair resembles.

Basking in the spring like afternoons...teasing us of what's to come in March and April.

Not a care in the world. 

Seriously, I wish I could care as little as she does.

What would you say if you saw me in the supermarket with hair like this?!?!

Wait, yes, I'm pretty sure I've been to the supermarket with hair like that before. 

We couldn't leave Rhodes out when we were livin' up on the trampline.

So....here he is.  His debut jump with Daddy.....5 months old.

Verdict is in.  He LOVED IT!!!

And I love this pic!↑⇑  

Enough jumping.

So we took pics during that "magic hour" of the afternoon.  For fun.

Tongue sticks out in EVERY.SINGLE.SHOT.I take of him.  So funny.

Smiley!  He is so happy!!

Unless he hasn't quite had as much "mommy time" as he'd like. 

But then he lets me know.  Fast. 

And we're spent.    I think he wants back on the trampoline! ;-)


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