Monday, March 15, 2010

Our 21 Seconds of Fame - TWICE - on AFV

So...did y'all watch America's Funniest Home Videos last night?!?!?  Huh?  Huh???

Well, we did.  And it was so much fun anticipating it's airing!  We weren't expecting it to air so early in the show, but obviously, felt quite honored to be FIRST!

Our video was the opening clip with Tom Bergeron!!  And I thought what he said was hilarious - and clearly thought Mac was Landon's daddy! :-)

 Here's the clip with Tom.  We're on a first name basis now.

And we were totally caught off guard when they gave our video an Honorable Mention!!!  One of only 6 videos!  I guess we were runners up for the top three.

Which I have to say, about the top three....ours was TOTALLY funnier than two of them...the second and third place winners.  THOUGH, I have to say the video that won definitely deserved it!  HILARIOUS.  

Here we are as an Honorable Mention - in SLOW MOTION! LOVE IT!!

And, if you haven't had is the original video that I sent in!! :-)

Thanks for watching (if you did) and celebrating with us!!!  Until next time....'cause I have a feeling there will be more videos in the future! :-)


  1. that is hilarious! totally should have been top 3!

  2. Sooo funny! Thanks for posting because we missed it. We were at church and I forgot to set the DVD player to record it! It's so exciting that you got honorable mention! :)

  3. I laugh every time I see it! SO funny! :)

  4. I watched!!! How exciting to see your video on tv! It was definitely one of the funniest.

  5. All four of us piled up in our bed to watch it, and loved getting to see it. M&M felt so proud to know somebody on tv! Congrats and I'm sure you'll place higher next time around! lol

  6. Hahaha the full clip is even funnier! I love that the expensive glasses took precedence over whether he was hurt. LOL


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