Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Water Babies

Heated pools.

It's like takin' a bath...for as long as your parents let you. :-)

We had a few water babies last week.

First water baby:

...the one who plays it UBER safe in the water (always holding onto something).  As frustrating as Robert and I find it sometimes, I can't help but appreciate the "he's just cautious" card I play for him all the time.

Second water baby:

Fearless.  Feisty.  Independent.  And semi-pool-safe with arm floaties, goggles, and a big pink bow.

You know....all the necessities of cute pool swimming.

Third water baby:

Has LOVED water since birth.  Swims like a fish...can hold her breath like no other.  I don't know if I like that or not....but she's a GREAT swimmer!

Fourth water baby:

Well....he only put his toes in the water during this beach trip.  We'll save the "water experience" for later.

But he looked super cute in his beach hat! :-)

And here's a few more pics from the bathtub...I mean...pool at the beach.

Rhodes watched from the sidelines...a lot.  But seemed completely entertained!

Love some wet Daddy kisses!

And this one.  What will we do with her.  I'm just thankful she was receptive to the arm floaties.  We've tried them before, but she just wasn't having them.

I guess the "freedom factor" won out over the "uncomfortable factor" of the blown up plastic things on her arms.

'Cause she just floated around that pool until her little body was all pruned up.  And her tongue was out a LOT.  Guess she like the flavor of the pool.  Lots of burps followed as well.  :-)

And here he is again....just chillin' by the pool.  He was great.  And it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

Did I mention it was BEAUTIFUL while we were down there???


  1. Cautious toddlers make smart and wise teenagers!! Be thankful your oldest boy will most likely set such a great example for Rhodes!! David is EXTREMELY cautious. I find myself frustrated when he won't even go up to the front in story time to get a bean bag. I then remind myself, I am going to be thanking the Lord for this temperament come adolescence! :)

  2. thanks so much for the comment! I love your blog, you seem to parent 4 kids so seamlessly, Im jealous!!

  3. GREAT pics!!! You've got some super cute water babies! :)

  4. Such good pictures! I just want to eat Rhodes up! And, I LOVE the new look of your blog!

  5. You got some BEAUTIFUL pics! Way to go!


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