Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost Forgot!!!! Good News!!!

America's Funniest Home Videos called me this week to CONFIRM that our video will air this Sunday on ABC at 6 pm Central time!!


The video starts out with Landon riding down a big hill on a plasma car, then Mac (my brother-in-law and Lacey's  - my sis - husband) comes zooming by on a flying turtle.  :-)

TUNE IN to see what happens next and what Tom Bergeron has to say about it!

I will be sure to upload it back to Youtube as soon as I can and post it here!!  Because we think it's pretty funny! :-)


  1. We missed it, except at the end! I forgot about it and R reminded me at about 6:15. I guess it was one of the first ones they showed. Bummer.

  2. It was great!! Landon was adorable, and well Mac was Mac :)


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