Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Their Minds are Truly Sponges

Kids can learn ANYTHING in no time when their little! Olivia just learned the sweetest poem by Cecil Frances Alexander in just a few short days at school! It's called "All Things Bright and Beautiful". I'm sure you've heard it.
She actually didn't know I was filming her - if she had known, she wouldn't have said it. She thought I was just holding the camera! :-) Oh, and please ignore the other kids squealing and talking in the background! ;-)

If she can learn this so easily, imagine how much scripture I can cram into her little head. She knows several memory verses already and we're working on Psalm 23 but I have a feeling I could push her even harder!

Now, if I could just get Landon on board - he's not quite as enthusiastic as Olivia is about learning - but he can launch a ball across the yard effortlessly! Boys.....


  1. FANTASTIC!!! She's a smart little lady!!!
    Yeah, I started teaching Tristan verses last year when I realized he was able to memorize all the lines to videos he has. I guess I used to think he couldn't handle it. But you are right...they are definitely little sponges!!!
    Make the verses into songs and sing them to Landon while he's throwing his football 50 yards, and he'll be singing them before you know it! :D

  2. That's my girl! I love it when she puts the inflections in the poem.

  3. Way to go, Olivia!! That was so cute!!

  4. Lindsay - I loved watching the video. Olivia is such a precious little girl, and you are a wonderful mother!

  5. I could just eat her up!!!Can't wait to be a grandmother so I can re live those precious years with little ones. Way to go Olivia and way to go mom for taking her to a great program/bible study that would teach her the word.


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