Monday, January 28, 2008

Technology Is So Cool!

Recently while visiting my church's homepage (Church of the Highlands) searching for an old message, I discovered that you could subscribe to Podcasts that were FREE and automatically downloaded into your itunes when there is a new one uploaded! Then, they automatically download into your ipod when you connect it to your computer.

You may ask why I think this is so cool. Ok, I have three little kids. There are some Sundays that you just don't make it. Whether it's because of sickness or you just couldn't "get it together" that day, who knows. But it's harder to have a 100% church attendance when you have small children. (Not that that is what is going to get you into heaven but I enjoy our church very much!) Then you have the Wednesday night services that start at 7:00 P.M.!! I'm usually brushing teeth and putting kids to bed around that time! Not to mention getting in bed myself around 8:00! (I know, I know...I used to make fun of people who went to bed that early!)

We always said that once we moved (we live very close to church) we'd start going to Wednesday night services! I mean, they're the better services anyways. It's where the meat is! :-) Then after having Lillian, well, that just made it even harder!

But the worst part, was that I felt so guilty not going! I knew I could listen to them on my computer, but I don't have time to hold my ear up to my tiny speaker for 45 minutes trying to take in such awesome words!

So when I found the podcasts, I was THRILLED! My ipod goes everywhere with me! I love to listen in the car when I'm drivin' my babies all over this town! It's actually the best time for me to listen to cd's or even talk on the phone! I just put a dvd on for the kids and it's peace and quiet! :-) I also listen to my ipod while walking, or even while the kids play outside! I love having a "portable pastor!"

Anyway, if you have an ipod and want some awesome messages check out the website and subscribe to the podcasts. Our pastor is doing and INCREDIBLE series on the Holy Spirit right now. I highly recommend this series. He's even been asked to write a book on the topics he is currently speaking on!

One more thing, you don't have to have an ipod to listen to the messages online. They have many multimedia options! You can even watch the service if you'd like!

Oh, and we have the BEST, FUNNIEST pastor ever! He is definitely anointed!

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  1. I love the podcasts too. You are is AMAZING!!!


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