Monday, January 21, 2008

Still Dry!

Little update on Landon! He's doing GREAT!! He hasn't had an accident a about a week or so! Though right after I posted my last update on him, he had an accident at a park here in town. Of course, it was THE ONE time I didn't throw in a change of clothes!

So what did I do? Leave the park, you say? Nope. He was wearing only his red shirt, red keds (no socks) and a diaper! Do you think I was getting funny looks from the other moms? YOU BET! We had just gotten there and I hated to make him leave.

You can kind of see him here. At this point, I think he had also taken his shoes off!! Oh, and this was one of those 75 degree January days!

Since then, we've taught him how to "water the trees"! That's so he doesn't have to miss a moment playing outside at home!

Hop on over to my husband's blog to see what else Landon did outside!! I couldn't believe it when he told me the story!

Anyway, he's been so much easier to potty train - because I waited until HE was ready!! Thank GOD we only have one in diapers now! :-)


  1. Way to go, Landon! Can you come train Tristan now, please?! ;D

  2. That is awesome for you guys!! What a big step he took.. I have already started buying diapers at the grocery store when I go for groceries just to get ahead.. Miss you guys.. Hope to see you all soon.. Love you..

  3. I'm just peeking in here for the first time. I saw your "6 degrees of separation" comment on Rachel G's blog. I guess that puts us at about 8 degrees! haha! Rachel went to college with my daughter, Missy.

    You have a precious family! I understand about the gene pool thing. My oldest had/has dark hair and dark eyes. Then her sister came along and she had/has blonde hair and hazel eyes! They looked nothing alike! By the time our son came along 7 years later, he had blonde hair and brown eyes and looks like my hubby.

    I love your background. I may have to borrow that idea sometime this year. That's my blog theme for this year. Most all of my posts fall into one of those three categories.

    God bless you and your family!

  4. Hey girl! It is so good to hear from you! Your kids are adorable! My little Kali Rose is potty trained! (Well, I am speaking in faith! We still have the occasional accident!! ) So, we now have NO DIAPERS in the house! Crazy after 6 years of it!

    So glad we can keep up now!


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