Friday, January 25, 2008

She Learns from the Best

This is the mess Lillian made in 3.5 seconds flat today!

It's a magazine that the kids were looking at on the floor. It was in a hundred little pieces after she got a hold of it! I can't say I'm surprised. Olivia and Landon are professional mess makers! Olivia is very talented at tearing paper into a million tiny pieces that I find all over her bedroom! Landon has mastered the art of leaving tiny little match cars ALL over the house for me to step on. Needless to say, Lillian has the highest qualified "teachers" demonstrating for her ALL day long! Like Robert says, they can tear up a room three times faster than you can clean it up!

Oh, and I had to fish half of it out of her mouth! Thank goodness it was only paper!

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