Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Morning

This is kind of long but I wanted to post this for our out of town family! It's a 5 minute video of the kids reactions Christmas morning!

Landon's reaction was much better this year. He had no idea what was going on last year! And I love it how Olivia goes through Landon's things before she looks at her own....I wonder who she got that from???.....:-)


  1. That is really cute!
    Does Olivia sleep with a bow in her hair? =)

  2. Actually, she does sleep in a bow most nights....I'm tellin' you, my girls have had a bow in their hair since they were 30 minutes old! :-)

  3. PRECIOUS! Landon's reaction...PRICELESS!!! He was so excited. :D I thought it was really cute that Olivia didn't even look at her stuff until like 5 minutes later! Ha! So funny!!!


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