Friday, January 18, 2008

The Gene Pool

As you can tell, Robert and I are complete opposites when it comes to our looks. He's dark hair, dark eyes, tan skin and I'm light eyes, lighter hair, lighter skin. So when Olivia was born, we were like, HELLO! definitely a "little Robert" - as in coloring. When Landon was born, we just figured he'd come out like Olivia. No......he had blonde hair, and blue eyes and lighter skin! People ask me all the time if they are related! One person even asked me, "Where is she (Olivia) from?" Like I had adopted her!!! (The things people say......I have truly heard it all)

Then Lillian came along and has light eyes, darker hair and medium skin! The gene pool is so funny! It makes me want to have another one just to see what we get next time! :-)

So, we're always trying to guess who looks like who - besides the obvious coloring of the kids. Like, I think Landon looks just like Robert but with my coloring.

I found some baby pictures of Robert and I!! What do you think??

I think Lillian looks just like me! ;-) Especially that top one. But notice my birth mark on my forehead - Olivia has the EXACT same one!

The picture of Robert is around 4 months. It's the only baby picture of him because there was a fire that claimed many of their early photos! :-(

I love comparing old photos! My mom did scrapbooks of us up until we were 18 - then she said she was done and it was up to us to keep them up! But I'm so grateful that I have the memories to look back on!


  1. That's awesome that your mom did that for ya'll. What a wonderful way to save those memories!
    I think Lillian and Landon look just like you. However, Lillian is such a mix of your other two.
    God works in amazing ways!!!

  2. It's AMAZING how much Lillian looks like you.

  3. Lillian does look like you and Landon definitely looks like Robert. I never noticed that before. I STILL think Lillian and Landon have the same smile.


  4. I had one lady in walmart ask me if my kids had the same father. I mean, c'mon what kind of woman do you think I am??? they are 15 months apart!!

    anyhoo.. Your baby pictures look just like Lillian.. even though I have never met you guys! lol

  5. Lillian looks just like you and Olivia looks just like Robert, but Landon looks a lot like Walton to me. I have told you that before, but he really does. I miss yall and we need to come over when we come home for a visit!


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