Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Last Few Times I've Turned Around....

....I've found my sweet baby girl dressed up by her big sister and big brother!

Bow in her "hair"

Future ballerina!

That's a safari hat (thanks Tristan) and poncho!

....and fairy wings and a barbie jean dress! They were playing "christmas-time" in this one. Which meant having a pretend tree in the playroom and fake presents under it! How Lillian fit in, I'm not sure. But it was cute to turn around and see her crawling around like this - totally unaware of what she was wearing!

They are so creative and play so well together.........sometimes..... :-)


  1. What fun!!! I often get a kick out of my 2 too! they make many wardrobe changes throughout the day!


  2. So cute! Wow...Lillian is looking more and more like Landon!


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