Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Startin' them Early

Landon got a football uniform for Christmas....we're talking shoulder pads, helmet, pants and jersey! We had a little fun with the helmet last night! :-)

Here's a little video clip.

For those of you who don't know Robert well, he is TOTALLY kidding when he's "yelling" at Landon. Here's how the next one went. I made him tell Landon he loves him this time...after "yelling" at him.

I think Robert was having flashbacks from high school football days! Get 'em ready YOUNG!!

Just another hum drum evening in the McClellan household!!!


  1. oh my goodness, i am LOVING this. i know grant is going to be much the same way. robert is hilarious with them. too cute!!

  2. Love it! Tristan has the Alabama and Georgia versions of that football outfit. We should schedule a game! ;)

  3. So fun!! (no time to watch the youtube now but I imagine it is hilarious)

    We ordered the same for JB's b-day and out of the blue (never even mentioned this to him before) he told us last night - while watching LSU..."Mom, I'm gonna get a helmet and tackle". Steve and I looked at each other like - where did this come from?? How did JB know? haha

    Can't wait until it comes in!!



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